miercuri, 11 octombrie 2017


It is said that love equals the way we feel next to our favourite person slash significant other and not the way our appearance looks like.
But what if I tell you that sometimes adding a little more extra to a relationship is actually a fun thing to do?
Fashion lovers, I know you'll be on the same vibe with me: what do you say about complementary outfits? 
Complementary outfits - when his outfit complements hers: as every colour has a complementary shade, so her outfits can complement his ones.

So, Bonobos and I thought that it will be a great idea to make this a thing, so we thought on complementing some Fall outfits - because, let's admit it: Fall is the most fashionable season of all.
Bonobos is an apparel brand that sells men's clothes, especially known for their men's suits and their curved waisted pants. We thought on four looks, four complementary outfit looks for him & her.
Without any further do, let me show you the outfits.


Take this Pink For Two look as two casual outfits, good for a romantic walk in a park or down the streets, on a sunny day. Or, if both of you start getting a little bit hungry, why not trying these outfits for a Sunday brunch?
💲 Shop her outfit: 


The complementary colour of green is red. Coincidence or not, according to fashion magazines and the runaways themselves, red is the official colour for this Fall. I usually am not a fan of the red and black combination, especially when it comes to matching a red dress with a pair of black shoes...with that being said, I kinda visualised this pair of floral pants with some red - and not a sweater, because let's face it: Autumn is just so much more than sweaters, but about layering and mixing textures. I personally imagined these outfits as perfect for a fancy dinner, or maybe a date night somewhere else? Hmm, what do you think?
💲 Shop her outfit:


Jumping again in the city streets: if both of you love a more of an urban look, then this can be what you've been looking for. The Urbanist style for him: a printed casual shirt, a pair of comfy pants and some Vans. The matching Urbanist style for her: a fine dress paired with a hoodie (for colder days) and some Vans accessories: a backpack and a pair of black Old Skools.
💲 Shop her outfit:


Suit Up is the most elegant outfit from all the four. Plaids are a trend now and so are the suits for women, that are making a huge comeback. And even though his outfit is not as elegant as you've thought when you first hear the word 'suit' - women suits are not what they used to be in the past and they can be easily styled so that you don't have to worry about being too bossy or too office looking. Especially with that turtleneck blouse and a pair of hoop earrings. 
💲 Shop her outfit:

It can be a fun relationship activity to mix and match outfits. You just have to let your infinite imagination flow.
Finally, check out the Bonobos website for their new fall men's collection...who knows, maybe you will start creating some complementary outfits, too. 👗👕

What do you think about complementary outfits? Let me know! 
hugs, Maria💖

luni, 18 septembrie 2017


What are the three main things that you have in your mind when you hear the word Fall? 
Mine are sweaters, moody weather and a dark lipstick. Even though we are in the middle of September, the weather is still hot in Bucharest. It seems that somebody doesn't want to leave that soon...

Meanwhile, I made my Fall wishlist aka what I want for the next months of Autumn. I'm in for a moody day, sitting in a nice place such as a coffee shop or even at home, with a hot cup of coffee in my hand, watching the raindrops touching the ground while I'm being comfortable in a huge sweater. Ah, what a lovely view. 
The reality is that I sit in front of my laptop in shorts and a T-shirt, begging not to suffer from the heat today so let's begin!

There's no Fall without the perfect sweater. Even though I have a lot of sweaters they are one of my favorite pieces of clothing. This month I've fallen in love with a red one from Stradivarius. Lately, I found the beauty of the red color and I saw a lot of red toned clothes and accessories that winked at me every time I stared at them.

I will start soon the classes at Uni and I need something to pack my entire house with - every time I go out.

I've recently put my hands on a pair of Stan Smiths and I honestly can't get enough of them. The next pair of sneakers I want to buy is this beautiful pair of blue Gazelles and it seems that everybody owns one pair...even Kourtney Kardashian does.

It seems that I'm going through a weird stage where I love everything Parisian Chic. So it's the thing with this cap I saw a few weeks ago and I can't wait to have one. On my way to feel glamorous, one step required.

I found the perfect pair of sunglasses last summer. They were from H&M x Coachella collection and they looked so good on me...until one day when I dropped the pair on the floor and...well, they're gone now. After browsing a little bit, I found that this After Hours pair is very similar with what I had. I guess my collection needs to expand...

You must've heard about The Ordinary...because almost every YouTuber have tried their products. The best part is that I found them in Romania. Unexpected, they're affordable here *ok, they are supposed to be affordable but, in Romania, new releases are usually expensive* and I can't wait to give them a chance.

One of my favourite nail polishes brand is Essie. Unfortunately, Essie is not available in Romanian stores. Don't stress, I have a solution: fragrancedirect.co.uk. They're really affordable there and they have a lot of beautiful colours. 

I'm curious to see what do you want this Fall! Let me know!
hugs, Maria 💖

marți, 29 august 2017


OK so it’s been almost a month since I’ve last posted something here. First of all, hello! How are you? I hope you are doing well!

I’ve been thinking *a lot* about what should I post these days. I feel that a single update post is not enough because I have a lot of things I want to write about and every time I have to do posts like this I lost the majority of my ideas and I finally come to post something else, that was not initially going to be uploaded. My mind is going crazy sometimes, I swear. 

So, as a little note: this post contains details about stuff that I was going through this month. If you’re interested, then enjoy and have a nice read! If not, then some beauty posts will enchant your eyes – coming soon. Also, thank you for reading this blog! It really means a lot to me. 💘
👉 So, let's begin 👉
I started this month with a few days on the beach. Then, I went to Summer Well, a festival happening every year somewhere near Bucharest. Then, I spent most of my time with my friends and also with a very special person to me that now it’s become a part of my life slash everyday kinda basis because we actually see each other every day – almost. If you didn’t guess by now then I’m talking about the guy that I’ve been dating for two months – my boyfriend. 👫

🌺 How did we met? Long story short: Instagram creepers exist. Joking. Seriously talking, he’s a friend of one of my best friends and he saw me on Instagram. We chatted for a while, we went on two dates and then he left. Oh no, but why tho? Oh, he’s studying abroad – in Denmark. Despite that, we continued to talk for about two months. At the beginning of the summer, he came back. We went for another date, said the right words and we ended up together. You know the drill when something exists…it feels really weird to write about this and to know that now it’s going to be public. Oops, if he’s going to see this then – hello sunshine, I know you will read this. 🌺

May this be the reason why I have been offline this whole time? Probably, but probably not. I’ve also got stuck in that period every person with a blog faces it sometimes – the blogger block. I had a lot of ideas going on in my mind but I also needed some time to focus. And when it came to staying away and be focused I erased those ideas because I considered them to not be the best right now. But I will talk a lot more about this topic in the next chapter - I mean - the next post.

So, as I said earlier, I spent my first days of August on the beach, catching the wild waves and staying on the sand with my boyfriend – of course – and some of our friends. We had a lovely time and honestly I want to go back there as soon as possible – if there’s any possibility.

Then it was the time for Summer Well, which is basically a chilled festival with indie and alternative type music. Their headline is A festival like a holiday and let me say that it truly is a festival like a holiday. Actually, it was my first festival experience and it was really great! I had a great time, even though, honestly, I have to tell you that I didn’t get the lineup that much – I only knew a few songs or bands but still – it was awesome.

Then, I enjoyed *and still enjoy* these last days of summer with my boyfriend and my friends. 

Honestly, I spent my summer in an amazing way, probably because I spent it with him – and probably because it was unexpected. Spontaneous? 
See, it’s better not to have any expectations. Because beautiful things come in the most unexpected moments. This is a lesson I’ve learned along my 20’s journey in life. 
I don’t know how to share what I feel because I’m a little bit shy and I don’t want to expose too many personal details but, long story short: I’m really happy. ✨
Here are some photos. :D

these big cups of coffee killed us, i swear. but they are one of the things you need to try if you've ever visit Bucharest. the place is called CoffeeOl and is in the Old City Town of Bucharest. Also, if you plan to visit Brasov there's another CoffeeOl there. :D

- photos: courtesy of Summer Well Festival - 

What have you been doing this month? Let me know!
See you soon, 
Maria 💖