luni, 31 iulie 2017


Lately, I have tried some new makeup products that quickly became my favourites this month.
I thought that it would be a nice idea to say something about them, just a little... 💃

BOURJOIS HEALTHY BALANCE POWDER: I don't like to powder my face in the heat, although is a necessary step in my makeup routine because I have oily skin. 
I have tried a lot of powders, despite the fact that a few months ago I only had the Rimmel Stay Matte powder in my makeup drawers. Luckily, I stepped out of my comfort zone and I found this Bourjois powder on sales *ofc* and I have to admit it: it's the best powder I've tried lately. ✌
I may say that it has a little bit of coverage. What I like most about this Healthy Balance powder is that I don't need to do any touch-ups during the day. What? Yes, somehow it controls my sebum and my skin looks natural and smooth. Overall, I really like it and I will definitely fill my powder stock with it.

RIMMEL FIX & PROTECT MAKEUP PRIMER: I don't remember if I featured any Rimmel primer here on the blog. I've tried in the past the Fix & Perfect primer which is a mattifying one, but I was not that impressed with it. I'm not a fan of primers, I still believe that they do nothing on my skin. Although, this one brightens the face and leaves a glowy finish after you apply it. It is said that it has SPF 25 which is cool because is currently summer and we need that SPF in our lives every day.
Overall, I like it for the fact that it gives my skin a nice glow, yet I don't know what to say about the "fix" part: as I said earlier, I don't see any difference with or without a primer.

BOURJOIS 123 PERFECT CC CREAM: Earlier this summer I've done a post about this new discovery I've made and it has become one of my favourite foundations/CC creams and if you read me for a while you know that I'm not an adventurous person and I don't like playing with foundation as much as I want to. Yes, I'm that kind of person that has a trusty routine when it comes to complexion.
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NYX GEL LINER & SMUDGER: The best gel eyeliner I've tried so far. It doesn't smudge and it stays there as long as you want to. And it's blue, so...there's nothing to complain about.
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CHAPSTICK LIP BALMS: They're new products to me. I've heard in the past about Chapstick lip balms but I didn't know that they're available in Romania, until I saw them on I have the Cherry and the Strawberry versions and they're really moisturising. Although when I first tried the Cherry lip balm I didn't like it because I felt that it does nothing but, after a while, I started to like it more and more until I bought the Strawberry lip balm. Besides that it does moisturise the lips they smell so nice. Also, they're super cheap too, around 2 or 3 EUR if you buy them from

Have you tried one of these products? Did you like it/them? Let me know!
hugs, Maria 💖

luni, 24 iulie 2017


A few days ago I made a wardrobe clear out and I've come to realise that lately I've bought a lot of large and white T-shirts. Spending the summer in Bucharest is an absolute pain because it's extremely hot and you can barely put any clothes on you; everything's melting and people tend to become nervous and angry because of the hot weather. Welcome to hell, everybody!

I've also realised that I have a lot of clothes that haven't been worn since...forever. I have this bad habit - I buy a lot of clothes but I keep wearing the same items over and over again, continuously, for a month, two or probably three.

Wait, I have more: I just found out that my mom used to have some pretty gorgeous stuff in her closet that she's not going to wear anymore and basically she handed them to me so I added a few bits to my wardrobe. For free, haha. 

Although these three things happened I just can't help myself and I still want new clothes...doooooooh, I'm a girl - I need pretty stuff
So, without any further do, here are some pieces that in my opinion are a statement for this summer. Lately, I kinda contoured my style (if you want to find out more about this topic you can check out this post here) and I know what I would wear and what not. 
Coincidence or not, this year's trends are some of the things I would wear on a summer everyday basis - if outside wouldn't be 37 Celsius degrees, hoping not to die because I left the house. 

OFF-THE-SHOULDER TOPS: A feminine & sexy item with a delicate touch - a non-official three words description for off-the-shoulder tops. Furthermore, the statement item in a closet this summer.

KIMONOS: I kinda have a massive crush on kimonos, for no reason. Actually, lately I developed a crush on everything that has flowers on it. I didn't like flowers that much in the past but now I do. Weird, amirite? Anyhow, I find that a kimono adds a feminine touch to an outfit, somehow. Also, for me it has another attribute: it hides my arms. The honesty hour, I have an issue related to my arms - I believe that they are not too good looking for showing them a lot and this is the main reason why I don't tend to wear blouses that have shorter sleeves.

LARGE & FANCY BLOUSES: Lace, broderie anglaise, coloured, printed. Statement blouses are a trend this year and they're actually easy to pull off. They can turn a basic outfit into a super fancy one.

LARGE T-SHIRTS: Sadly, I have to admit that I'm a sweaty person and summer's not actually my favourite season of the year. If you've ever watched Frozen then imagine that I'm Olaf melting in the sun. Because of this, I cannot stand moulded clothes. They stick to my body and make me feel uncomfortable during the summer...probably the main reason why I bought too many large shirts lately. I call this a bonus because large T-shirts are in and typos are slowly coming back. Typos or flamingos, pineapples and lipsticks. 

CULOTTES/PALAZZO TROUSERS: If you check out the link below for this item you may see a pair of striped culottes from Mango. I saw them first in this video from Samantha Maria and since then I'm obsessed with this pair of trousers. Now, I have some problems: the first one is the fact that culottes don't suit me at all, they make my legs look shorter than they are and they make my waist look wider than it actually is. The second problem is that I haven't seen this particular pair of culottes in Romania (for now). Sad reacts only, I know. 
The best part is that you can find similar trousers pretty much everywhere because they're on trend this summer and I personally believe that they will become a statement piece of clothing very soon.

PLATFORM SANDALS: When I see these type of sandals I always think of 2005 or the Barbie dolls. Do you remember those high platform sandals everybody used to wear back then?

HEELED SANDALS: The squared type of heeled sandals which personally I believe that suits any type of leg. Either you spend your day out, chilling or you go out by night, these kind of shoes are a must in your wardrobe because they're versatile and can be worn anyhow, anywhere.

RED-TONED LIPS: You know I can't stay away from makeup too's summer and for those of you who are lucky enough to pull a red lipstick in the middle of the summer then try a coral-toned shade, like Manila from NYX.

Do you have any favourite trend this summer? Let me know!
hugs, Maria 💖

duminică, 23 iulie 2017


Forever statement: I don't know how to pose. 📷
The main reason why I told my friend Maia to take me these photos was my new pair of pink velvet sandals. Although they're killers - I must carry with me band aids every time I wear them, but I believe that there's only me having this kind of problem with new shoes - they're lovely. 
I thought that they'll fit this outfit I wore a few days ago...and it did, because I really like how it looks. 💖
What I do really love about them is the fact that they can be worn as a pair of shoes for the day and for the night, also. 🍸

I was wearing: Reserved T-shirt, bag and sunglasses. Bershka trousers. H&M sandals.

What do you think about this outfit? Let me know!
hugs, Maria 🌸