sâmbătă, 24 iunie 2017


Until last year I had absolutely no problem with hot weather. I don't know what the fuck happened but I surely know that now I cannot stand (in) hot weather or heat. 😅

Because of that I should probably stay away from makeup because I usually sweat a lot in summer and my pretty face will probably melt in the sun. I respect (and I'm jealous also on) all the girls who don't spend that much time putting makeup on their face during summer. Sadly, I'm not part of the group. 😞

I have skin problems that recently got worse. If you read me in the past then you may probably know that I have oily, acne prone skin. What does that mean? My face produces a lot of oil, called sebum. Acne is the result of the overproduction of sebum. Of course, beside this, there are some other reasons why acne appears in our lives, such as hormonal problems, diet or stress.
I don't know for sure what is the main cause for my bad acne period but I have some doubts: what I eat, because I'm not a healthy person at all when it comes to food, my skin type and finally, the stress I've been managed in these past few weeks. I had a lot of exams and I worried about them, of course, so my stress level managed to be somewhere higher than normal. Oh well...welcome, acne!

I'm looking forward to changing my skincare routine also because I want to try some other products for my skin type. I've already put my eyes on some products I want to try and see how they work for my skin.

Meanwhile, because I started this post with my #1 problem in the summertime - the melting face - I want to show you something I've recently discovered and I'm happy with. 
It's a change in my everyday makeup routine and it happened because I have a lot of scars and blemishes from acne.

I hate wearing a medium or full coverage foundation when is hot outside, so I managed to put my hands (finally!) on the BOURJOIS 123 PERFECT CC CREAM. I wanted to try this CC cream for so long but I've never had the willing to actually buy it, until now. I wanted something that could cover and correct my super visible imperfections, yet something that is not going to melt after two minutes of exposure to the sun. 
One day, while I was studying (oh well...) I looked for concealers and correctors on the web, but then I remembered that I heard so many good things about this product in the past that I decided it was about time to give it a go and see what it does for me.

After almost two weeks of continuously wearing it, I'm pretty impressed with the results.
Firstly, the coverage is light, but I found that if you apply two layers of this CC cream you can obtain a medium coverage very easily. Also, it's not the usual coverage that you find in a CC cream: this product has three colour correcting pigments - green, purple and peach - for balancing the redness, fatigues and dark spots. Did it work?
My face was so...even. Is that the right word? Yeah, it is. It leaves such a glowy, natural finish to the skin - it's like your skin, but better. The coloured pigments really did their job and covered - or should I say healed, for a temporary period - all the imperfections that I have: redness, scars and blemishes (I don't have dark spots or circles under my eyes so they did not need any extra coverage).
Its texture is liquidy, runny and it feels very lightweight on the face. You can find this CC cream in four shades, I have the Ivory one, which is the lightest from the range. I forgot to mention one thing: it smells like peaches! 🍑
Overall, I'm impressed with it and I've incorporated it into my everyday summer makeup routine.
*feeling YouTuber-ish.

The second product I want to talk about, the second product that impressed me was the WET'N'WILD COVER ALL CONCEALER PALETTE.
The main reason why I bought this product was the fact that it has a green concealer in it. There are a lot of concealer palettes that don't have a green concealer which, for me personally, is a minus. By far, this is the only one* I saw in the drugstore, at least.
Speaking about this particular palette, it has three concealers and a highlighter. All of them are high coverage and pigmented. The highlighter is a little bit too frosty for my personal preference and by frosty I mean that it has a silvery finish, which is something I would wear underneath a foundation.
Their texture is very creamy and they're easy to blend, also. For its price, I believe that it's a good concealer palette so if you look for a cheap thing like this, you should give it a go.
*Update: there is a drugstore palette with a green concealer: the MAYBELLINE MASTER CAMO COLOR CORRECTING KIT in Light.

Now that I've found the #summerglow I'm ready to enjoy this summer a lot because guess what...I'm done with the exams!
Bye bitch, see ya next year haha. About sippin' some fresh lemonade 'cause that's all I need (and I also need to stay away from unhealthy things...). 🍸

Also, let me know if you have tried one of these products! Tell me if you did like them...or not.
hugs and glitter, Maria ✨

miercuri, 14 iunie 2017


I’m at the point of my life where I honestly have no idea what I want to do with it. I have a summer to figure this out. More precisely, three months, enough time to reflect on some things and to start realising something. Maybe a job, who knows?

What I do know for sure is that this summer I want to travel. A lot. Which is why I plan to leave the city as soon as I finish all of my exams. I just need to corrupt some friends et voila
Ciao, adios, I’m done. 💆

Another thing I’m sure about is this blog
I’ve always said to myself that this was, is and will be my little precious little corner of the internet where I can share whatever I want to. 
I’ve always said so many times that it's going to be a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, yet is more of a beauty related blog. Also, I’m so done with saying that I will maintain a blog schedule…if you don’t know, I like to be organised, but in reality, I’m not. Sometimes I work in chaos and I can’t handle deadlines. I just…cannot. Because of who I am. What an excuse.

Furthermore, looking back at my latest posts, I’ve realised that they’re organised but they don’t mean anything. Well, not all of them. I actually have some favourite blog posts which I’m proud of, but also I have some that are too…technical? Mechanical? Even I can’t find the right word to express what I want to say. I think this is also the main problem with those, too. I couldn’t find the right words to say what I really wanted to express.

Anyhow, after I will manage to clean my mind and make some organisation up there…I will be (fully) committed to this blog and I really mean it. By my blonde feelings!
I’ve already started to work at something, at the new design of the blog. Although I still don’t know if I like it or not, I want to change it as soon as possible and to design it as the virtual representation of myself: 
The blogger girl, who’s trying to find something beautiful in everything.

I want my blog to share a story. I love stories. They project you in another world, far away from everything. They push you from reality and they show you other ways to live, through characters, through their actions and through their personalities.
I want my posts to tell something. I want them to be little stories grouped in diverse chapters and to form a whole book, called I Really Have Blonde Feelings – the full guide on how to handle life when you’re a total mess. haha u r so funny don’t do it again haha lol haha ok 😞

So, finally, stay tuned because the change is going to happen soon  one day, hopefully as soon as possible. 
Until then, thank you for reading this blog! It really means a lot to me! 💖

hugs and glitter, Maria ✨


marți, 6 iunie 2017


Here’s a beauty fact about me: I don’t usually play a lot with foundations. I’m not that adventurous, I enjoy staying in my comfort zone when it comes to this. I love to know that I bought a good foundation that is perfect for any occasion. 
Although I have tried a number of five, maybe six foundations since I’ve discovered my little passion for makeup, I only have two favorites: the Rimmel Match Perfection and the L’oreal True Match foundation (well, I think they’re both a match…). 👌

Recently I put my hands on a foundation I wanted to try for a while, but I've never got the chance to see my shade anywhere, online and offline.

Today I'm going to have some words for the MAYBELLINE FIT ME! MATTE + PORELESS FOUNDATION
As I said, I wanted to try the Fit Me! foundation for a while but a friend of mine told me once that the original version of this foundation is not actually that good, which led me to think Why should I leave my comfort zone?

So, without any further do, shall we begin?

I have the shade 115 Ivory. This is the fifth shade in the range, there are four more lighter than this, the lightest being 102 Fair Porcelain
As a little guide, 115 Ivory is the same shade as N2 Vanilla from the L’oreal True Match range. 
It is true that it’s a little bit darker than my skin tone, but as it is summer now it doesn’t bother me that much. Furthermore, you can light the foundation by applying some concealar or translucent powder. Any makeup issue can be solved!

You may want to know that the packaging comes in two versions: the bottle foundation and the tubular packaging. I have the last one and I actually am not a big fan of it as it does not let me  I don’t really control the amount of foundation I use out of the packaging. 

The texture of the foundation is creamy. The coverage is medium, but it feels lightweight on the face. Honestly, when I first applied it on my face I was impressed because I didn’t feel I’m wearing any foundation. 
It has a matte, but still natural finish, without looking cakey on the face. 
If I have to speak about its longevity, I applied at 11 AM and I wore it until 10 PM. At 18 PM I had to reapply powder on my nose, forehead and chin, areas where I usually tend to get most oily. 
Finally, after 11 hours of wearing this foundation, it started to fade away, mostly on my jaw line, where I tend to put my hands on the face.

A thing you need to be aware of, if you’re as picky as I am: after a few times of wearing this foundation, I’ve noticed that it leaves dry patches on my skin, as I remember it happened after two or three hours of wearing it. Except that, it truly minimizes the pores and I recommend this Fit Me! Matte + Poreless foundation if you have oily skin.

Overall, the MAYBELLINE FIT ME! MATTE + PORELESS FOUNDATION is a good option if you have oily skin and if you look for a matte, yet lightweight coverage for your face. Even though there is a possibility to leave some patches on the skin, I find it as a good drugstore or high-street foundation. 

Let me know what do you think about it! 
hugs, Maria 💖