duminică, 14 ianuarie 2018


wow, it has been a while...

hello internet and hello 2018 because i haven't been active here since last year hahaha what a joke.
lately i did not put any effort on this blog, more specifically, since august, probably or maybe i have to check the archive and see if 2017 have had a month with no more than three posts per month. right, i believe that there is not a month like this.

as always, i will blame time.

nope. i'm not going to take advantage & to tell you that my time was the biggest problem because it was definitely not.

2017 was quite a year to be honest. i had ups and downs, i had the summer of my life and it was also the year i met my first boyfriend, indeed the year i started to learn what love is and feels like.

also, 2017 was the first year with uni exams which, to be honest, they ruined my brain. speaking of that, they ruin me right now because i should do two essays whatsoever i am here.

2017 was the year i learned the most how to be true to myself and how to love myself, somehow. i still don't love myself 100% and i definitely want to improve this, but what 2017 also teached me is that time will tell and heal everything. also, it takes time for things to happen.

i was at my first festival and i had an amazing time. to be honest, all summer i tried to divide myself into little pieces & to spend more time with my friends and my family, which it did not happen as well as i thought but this winter i managed to take time for myself, take a step back and be there when the people i love needed me.

2017 was also the year where i was at my first interview for a job appointment. then...lucky or unlucky me did not get a response even the day i write these words & right now i have a lot of questions.

i realized that travelling is amazing & that i want to travel as much as possible. discovering new places and people is amazing.

and when i realized that 2017 was a lot different from 2016 i stepped into 2018, with a glass of champagne in my hand and hoping that 2018 is going to be a good year.

i am not going to say the word 'amazing' because as i grow up i realize that not a single year was amazing for me. the word 'amazing' describes a situation which has only good parts in it, and neither a year had had exclusively good parts.

i have made a kind of 2018 goals in a cute agenda & my main goals are to stay fit and eat healthy (even though this month i was everything except healthy), which include staying as much as i can away from fast food and trying to run or going to the gym. then, i want to travel more.

i said that i have learned to love and to be honest, love is the best feeling you can experience. also, love is not only about fancy dates or how many bouquets of flowers you have received. love is when your significant other is standing next to you, when you fall asleep on him or her, when you take long walks at night and you'd do anything but not going home, when he or she gives you warm hugs, holds your hand or kisses you on your entire face. when you make little spontaneous presents, when you share the same thoughts or feelings about a topic or when you go shopping after a hectic day, but also love means fighting, being mad because you did something stupid or telling him or her what he or she did wrong. confessing about your worries and telling funny stories from your past. love is every moment spent with your significant other and when he or she is far far away from you, you feel like a part of your heart is falling apart. also, love means all the tears you have shed because something stupid happened between you two. but this is love, after all.
finally, love is a strong feeling, yet beautiful that stays in those little things that happen everyday.

so, what do i really want from 2018?

because we're talking about love, i want to love more & also to be loved more. not that i am not or that i am unhappy because to be honest i am really happy where i am right now if we have to talk about my love life and i am truly grateful that i found someone who loves me because of who i am, someone who likes almost the same things as me and someone who loves food as much as i do haha.

in 2018 i want to see what is my path, professionally speaking. i am currently studying pr & advertising but i am not that sure this is something i want to do in the future. i like this advertising thing going on and i like to learn about it everyday but sometimes it's kind of overwhelming.

i don't know why, but this sphere has something that i don't like at all. maybe because advertising is somehow based on not-so-true (i tried not to use the 'lies' word) facts. maybe because i don't like the rhytm of it. maybe because i have tried to apply to a lot of agencies as an intern, because, except volunteering inside a NGO i have zero experience and not a single agency confirmed or declined my application. maybe because i am tired of constantly trying and not receiving any feedback.

or...this is a sign & this is not my path. anyhow, i have decided that if i don't get any response or any offer in this pr & advertising thing i will continue my studies, but i will look for a summer job anywhere else because i am in a super need of money.

i have watched a lot of youtube recently and i kind of settled down my favourite topics: beauty, style & fashion, cooking and going out stuff which basically means lifestyle but i don't know why i hate this word.

basically, the topics i have always enjoyed to write about. somehow, i stopped posting here because i felt that my posts were only beauty related or fashion related...mostly based on makeup and some collages i did in photoshop. while i was working on my latest posts, i realized that i don't like where this blog is going and that i should do something to stop it.

also, i hate the layout. i hated it for a long time to be honest & i still hate it. i don't know how to fix it, because the last time i did a change on the layout i must have been 'break' something in the Blogger's system and now i can't change anything.

furthermore, i suck at promoting my blog. it's funny because i know how advertising and marketing works. in this digital era, if you don't promote your work on the social media you are basically non-existent.

these things have been on my mind for some time...and now it's time to make a decision for good.

so, i enjoy writing. i love beauty, makeup and fashion. i love a good aesthetic.

i will relaunch my blog. not sure when it's going to happen. but i know that it will happen for sure.

i want to change the layout, first. so, i need to save a little bit more money and to buy a beautiful template.

i also want to join the google something something ad-sense. i know it's kind of shitty, but i need money. i'm an unemployed (yet) student and i choose the easy way. well, shame on me. actually, not.

i want to have nice topics to talk about, from what is new in the makeup world to relationship advices to how to cook pasta in 10 ways.

i want this blog to be more of a community than a blog & i want you to be a part of it. what?
i want to promote it more. to have more followers and to be in contact with the followers. constantly. i want you to share your experiences and i will share mine as well.

i want to have a place where i can talk about my favourite things, a place with nice photos and good writing.

a place called my personal blog.

it is going to be a process that will take some time, so it's not going to happen any time soon...but i hope that i will do my best to have what i really want. my beautiful space, corner - call it whatever you want - piece on the Internet.

so, i am not going to post any time soon. i will probably keep you updated on instagram, i think. wish me luck on my exams. i wish you the same plus let 2018 be your best year so far!

until next time, a lot of warm and long hugs.

vineri, 8 decembrie 2017


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This is how I'm going to act this Christmas: by taking notes, being careful and planning!
Here are some tips if you struggle every year to buy a Christmas present.

I have learned that people are really happy if they receive something they truly want. And let's be honest...how many times have you received something that you didn't want to receive? 
Good, now that you have admitted it, here is what you have to do: talk with your family, your friends, your girlfriend or boyfriend and see what are their needs. What they want but maybe they can't afford, for some reason. Open the Notes app on your phone and create a list: OK so...my mom wants this scarf and this jacket and this...maybe I can manage to buy the jacket for her.

Planning is a good option when you don't have the possibility of spending or splurging too much money on Christmas gifts. 
Do a little budget plan: try to divide the people you are going to buy the gifts and then separate your money for each person. Also, try to make a fair split and also maybe you can save some bits for you. 

You deserve a little Christmas treat. 
From...you to...you? Yeah, you! If you want, save some little money for yourself. Go and buy that scarf you saw in Zara. It's nothing wrong here. 💁

Many stores can offer free wrapping this season so this is a good opportunity to save money. 
Though, if you want to do some DIY wrapping then buy some wrapping paper (there are some cute and inexpensive ones in stores such as Lidl/Aldi - or in bookstores, at the office supplies sections). Then, arm yourself with scotch and glue, scissors and start wrapping! 
The joy of destroying those papers in the Christmas morning...💖

I don't know about you, but I do really enjoy all this Christmas-gifts-hunting. 
It means being careful to details, knowing some facts about the ones you really care and so on. 
I personally love to give presents more than to receive. I feel happy when they have those faces: Ah, you got me a present, I didn't expect that. I have to admit though that sometimes I expect to receive gifts but then I realize that I made a gift to the people that matter to me and my thoughts about receiving something are gone.

With your family and your closest friends!

17 days until Christmas 🎅🎄
xoxo, Maria 

joi, 23 noiembrie 2017


you may know or You may not know a curious fact about me: I'm half blind (I have myopia) and I need to wear glasses and contact lenses. I had to wear glasses since I was in the 5th grade because I used to stand on the first desk and I couldn't see anything that was written on the board. The first person who discovered the fact that I have myopia was my maths teacher. She noticed that I had a strange face when I tried to copy something from the board and told my mom. I didn't want to wear glasses at that time because I thought that they would make me look ugly (which I still believe) and I didn't want my mom to find out.

Well, because of this stupid thought, my vision became worse because I didn't wear the glasses properly. I used to tell my mom Oh sorry, I forgot my glasses today, oopsie daisy mommy, shit happens and so on until I reached my -2.00 dioptries and now I can't see a damn thing if I am not wearing any glasses or contact lenses.

I made the first statement glasses (the one pair that I always needed to wear) about five years ago and since 2014 I wear contact lenses. There are a lot of reasons why I chose to wear contacts over glasses. First of all, you can wear sunglasses. Then, the condense that happens in winter (you know those lovely moments when your glasses start to steam because the weather is cold but when you go in a warm place the hell begins). Because when it starts raining, you have a shit ton of raindrops on your lenses and this drives me crazy, I swear...and because - again - I feel ugly with my glasses on. 

Getting over this, contact lenses are a great solution for everyone who's in need for glasses. Even though this is an expensive option (because sure they fucking are) and they need some extra care, they are a good option, especially if you have big dioptries. Of course (and this is my personal opinion) the best thing you can do if you have big dioptries is the surgery - a thing I want to do but I'm a little bit scared of - but, meanwhile, I have to stick with these babies.

I thought that making a post about life with contact lenses would be both fun and helpful. Fun for me, because I get to share my experiences with you and helpful for you if you are going to opt (in a near future) for contact lenses. So, here you have a kind of a guide on how I manage to wear my contacts, my experiences with them and if they are worth the money or not.
If you have ever experienced life with contact lenses, please, let me know! I'm really curious to see other people's opinion about contact lenses.

Without any further ado, let's get to the point(s).

Starting from different brands and finishing with different formulas or types. Usually, contact lenses are made for unique usage, 14 days, 3 months or for day and night. Then, there are different brands such as AirOptix, Bausch&Lomb, Acuvue, Profinity, Bioclear or Dailies.

Before wearing contact lenses, you must schedule an appointment and see if the doctor prescribes you or allows you to wear contacts. Then, the doctor may recommend you a specific type of contact lenses.
It is a truth that contact lenses are expensive: they cost around 25$/30EUR/120-180RON, but the prices may vary, depending on the formula and the brand itself.

When I got my first pair of contacts, I had the 1-Day Moist by Acuvue. They are one pair a day contacts and they are handy if you are just an occasional wearer. I wanted to wear contacts for a lot of time, so these were not the best option for my budget. You can get 28 contact lenses, made for 14 days.
I then opted for the Acuvue Oasys, which are contact lenses made for 14 days. You get 6 contact lenses for 14 days each. They last about one month and a half, probably two if you handle them with care. I personally took extra care of them several times and they lasted me about two months. Though, you have to be extra careful when you put them in the eyes because sometimes they may be chipped.
These still affected my budget and they were not the best option for me. Now, I am wearing the AirOptix Aqua contacts, which usually last me about three months. You get 6 contact lenses for one month each and they're at about the same price as the others that I've mentioned.
What I do like the most of these three pairs is that the one I'm using now, the AirOptix Aqua, have a softer and moist formula and they don't dry the eyes as fast as the other ones. I've experienced crying and also sleeping with my contacts on and my eyes didn't feel heavy or dry with these.

Again, before wearing contact lenses, schedule an appointment with the optometrist and let the doctor prescribe you the ones that fit best for you.

Contact lenses are very fragile and if you want them to be in a perfect and clean condition you have to be safe with and around them. You need to buy a saline solution for having them moist and watery all the time, so be sure to find out that this is an additional cost to your budget.

Also, you have to keep the contact case clean ALL THE TIME. Also, it is super important to always have your hands clean: I always wash my hands with soap and water before I put the contact lenses in the eyes. Furthermore, you have to be sure that a lense is not broken, chipped or if it has cloths or hairs on it. It can happen, it always happens to me. Yes, it's freaking annoying. Chipped contacts in the eyes feel like someone stabbed you in the eyes with a fork or something very sharp.

If you don't wear contacts too often, try to clean the contact case with a little bit of soap and warm water. Then, rinse it off with some saline solution.
Also, you can sleep with a particular type of contact lenses. I personally don't sleep with them on, mostly because I feel that my eyes need to rest after a long day and I always take them off my eyes.

I still remember that I used to spend an entire hour to put on my contacts in the beginning. Now, I just need two minutes (or three additional minutes if I have some technical problems) to put them on and I'm ready to go.

Also, you will have those days when you will feel like someone stabbed you in the eyes. Sometimes, you will feel your eyes really dry. Here comes in handy eye drops. As a little personal experience, my eyes tend to be red and I usually had struggled with irritations because I didn't use eye drops.
When you wear contact lenses, your eyes don't produce as many tears as if you leave them alone so you need some extra tears.
Sometimes, you may feel like you want to go home and take off your contacts because they are so heavy on your eyes or sometimes they can become slippy and they can...dissappear in your eyes?!!? WTF?! It happened to me once. It was one of the worst experience I have ever lived in my life. But, besides these experiences, you will not have to worry that on a rainy day you will have raindrops on your eyes lenses.

And get back to your glasses. I have recently made a new pair of glasses and now I'm wearing glasses and contact lenses alternatively, after two years straight of wearing only contact lenses.
A few days or a week without contact lenses are a good opportunity to give your eyes a break and let them rest for a bit.

It only depends on you what exactly do you want. Even if it's glasses or contact lenses, you have to take care of your vision, one of the most important things you own.
Also, don't be like me. With or without glasses or contact lenses, you are beautiful, just the way you are.

Finally, I hope that this post will be helpful for those who wear glasses like I do! 😎
If you have something more to add, let me know in the comments section.

Thanks for reading!
hugs, Maria 💖